Monroe Crossing

28th annual “Monroe” crossing of the Delaware River.

Arrangements have been made with Scott Lance of Munro’s Bateaux reenactment group.  They are bringing their boat to this year’s event and…WE WILL CROSS THE RIVER!

The last several years the river has not cooperated and a crossing could not be attempted.  Plus, Hurricane Lee two years ago captured the Coryell’s Ferry Militia’s replica flat bottom ferry boat and carried it downriver, so we had no conveyance to achieve a crossing.


That situation has changed with the acceptance of an invitation by “Munro’s Bateaux”, Captained by Scott Lance, they will be the reenactment group to be the ferry to cross the river this year.

In 28 years we have crossed the river successfully.  When we fail to cross our guests speculate what would have happened if Washington’s Army had failed in their effort to cross the river.

Watching a reenactment is one of the easiest ways to understand a particular piece of history.  The people presenting the event know a great deal about the subject and are willing to answer you questions.  Imagine having a history book that could speak with you to clarify events you may have a question abut.


The 28th annual Monroe Crossing is open to the public and is free.  Parade starts at noon and will march from Odette’s restaurant just South of town and head North to East Ferry Street.  There the mission will be explained, the troops inspected and the crossings will commence.  Any one who has pre-registered with event organizers and is in good health and is wearing appropriate 18th clothing may attend.

For more info contact: or Captain Bob Gerenser 267-337-1227

The Battoe Moon is a replica 18th Century bateau taken from  A Draught of a Bateau of 1776 by Howard Chapelle. She was framed and planked by Warren Stevens, and finished by the members of the New Jersey Ranging Coy.