Patriots Weekend New Hope PA.

                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                            January 15, 3014


Coryell's Ferry Militia in conjunction with the Greater New Hope Chamber of Commerce will sponsor a three day historic Revolutionary War

era reenactment of George Washington’s 1778 encampment and Delaware River crossing in New Hope PA on June 20. 21. 22. 2014.

This celebration is in honor of the actual historic event that transpired 236 years ago on this weekend.

We are commemorating  New Hope’s role in the Road To Monmouth. The eventual clash between the Continental Army and

Charles Cornwallis's forces at the historic Battle of the Monmouth Courthouse emboldened the Patriots cause.


After the long Winter at Valley Forge Pennsylvania, General Washington broke camp and began the march to New Jersey.

He struck camp at Valley Forge and headed East on Old York Road and marched to Coryell's Ferry, now known as New Hope.  

Washington’s Army and a myriad of camp followers, spent three days in Coryell's Ferry.  

Our Patriotic reenactment will commemorate those 3 historic days IN OUR TOWN!


Many historic figures actually came with General Washington to New Hope in those historic 3 days.

Baron Von Steuben, Marquis de La Fayette, Betsy Ross and Molly Pitcher

Benedict Arnold originally in charge of the river crossing, was relieved here that historic weekend as well.


Celebrating Liberty, our historic reenactment will include Live Artillery Cannon and Rifle fire demonstrations, Military parade,

Colonial period craft, 18th century Music, Revolutionary War Lifestyle exhibitions a Patriot’s Ball Dance and more!

This event is part of the Delaware River Historic Corridor Canal celebration.


 Other celebrations to be held are in Yardley and Bristol.

Save the dates, June 20, 21 and 22 2014 in New Hope PA.


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